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Value Fixed Rate Plan

As of April 2016, Viridian offers Connecticut customers a fixed rate plan with more than 50 percent renewable energy at a competitive rate. This rate plan, called Value Fixed, replaces Minus-5 in Connecticut. Viridian will be offering its Connecticut customers this reliable fixed rate plan, initially offered for a 12-month term, giving them price certainty and value.

Viridian will provide existing Minus-5 customers with the terms of their contract for their first 12 months. We will provide ample notice of their upcoming renewal term, as well as a range of responsible energy rate plan options from which to choose at the time of renewal. Customers who bundled their rate plans to extend their Minus-5 savings will be offered a discounted rate at renewal. New Viridian customers will also continue to have the choice to lock-in price certainty for 36 months with Viridian’s 3DOM rate plan in the state of Connecticut.

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